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Christian Rehab: Expect A Better Future & A Better Life

October 30th, 2013 - In Christian Rehab Centers, Drug Treatment

Attending Christian rehab can be a life changing experience. Biblical teaching, addiction treatment, and personal experiences shared by others who have found sobriety before you will help you strengthen your relationship in Christ, heal the damaged relationships with friends and family, and give you recovery from your addiction problems. (more…)

Celebrities In Recovery: Drew Barrymore Found Happiness After Addiction

October 29th, 2013 - In Drug Rehab, Drug Treatment, Substance Abuse Treatment

Drew Barrymore has been successful in her acting career to say the least; it may be hard to believe, but at one point she was very close to destroying her life because of drug and alcohol addiction. Her battle with substance abuse is now many years behind her and she has become a great example for young people struggling with drug and alcohol issues.

The Child Star With A Drug Addiction Problem

Drew Barrymore made her first on-stage appearance when she was 11 months of age. She comes from lineage of actors – her grandfather (John Barrymore) appeared in the 1932 movie Grand Hotel with Greta Garbo. Drew starred in her first movie at age five, Altered States. became famous two years later when she appeared in ET.

It is common for child celebrities to struggle with their success; Drew was soon negatively influenced by all the attention. She missed out on what some might refer to as a “normal childhood.” By age nine, Drew was smoking cigarettes and within two years she drinking alcohol and smoking weed. At the young age of 12, she began using cocaine – her life began to spiral out of control shortly there after.

Drew Barrymore entered her first substance abuse rehab center at age 13. She rebelled against addiction treatment; as a result, she relapsed time and time again. Her life fell further and further down scale and she eventually would attempt to commit suicide.

Overcoming Her Drug Addiction At Age Fourteen

After countless failed attempts to stop on her own accord, Drew entered drug rehab again at age fourteen – this time she meant business. She recognized that addiction had her in it’s cold gloomy grips, and she knew that things would continue to get very bad for her if she wasn’t able to stop. Drew finally made recovery her number one priority in life.

Learning to build a life in sobriety is often said to be very challenging for young people. Drew stopped abusing alcohol and drugs at a time when her peers were just getting started. She began adopting sober role models; in the recovery process, she made friends with people who knew how to party without mind-altering substances (i.e. alcohol drugs, etc.).

A Life Free Of Addiction

Most child celebrities end up on some sort of, ‘Where Are They Now?’ list, but not Drew Barrymore. The biggest successes in her career have transpired during her adulthood. She has appeared huge blockbusters such as ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and ‘Riding in Cars with Boys’. Drew also owns a production company called Flower Films – today she is considered one of the most successful female producer in the world.

Drew Barrymore is now thirty-eight years young. She has faced plenty of challenges along the way and has found success in sobriety. She has not fallen back into the grasps of drug addiction. Drew is a fine example for people of all ages, especially young people. The message in her story is clear – it is possible to break free from addiction at any age.

Rehabilitation Centers in NJ: Don’t Be An Introvert In Rehab

October 28th, 2013 - In Drug Treatment, New Jersey, Substance Abuse Treatment

People are sometimes hesitant about entering a New Jersey drug rehab because they feel uncomfortable around others. Sound familiar? If so, don’t be discouraged – there is hope for you yet!

Rehabilitation Centers in NJ: Tools For Surviving The Difficulties Of Introversion

If you feel awkward around people, it’s ok – we’ve all been there. It’s very common for people who have struggled with addiction to become distant from those once in their lives.

When choosing a facility, keep a couple of things in mind – these just might help save your life. First of all, be cautious of the size of your NJ rehab. Plenty of small facilities are around – in fact, we find that smaller settings help people who have social anxiety.  You will not only be relieved of the burden of large group settings, but you will most likely get to really know the professionals working within your chosen program.

The second thing to consider when weighing your rehab options is the level of privacy you need. If you struggle while living with others, or feel uncomfortable rooming with strangers, it will probably be best for you to request a private room.

Engaging In NJ Rehabilitation Centers

In order to get the most from your experiences in NJ drug rehab, you will have to engage in the treatment process; this may not be easy for you. However, know that the thousands before you have had to interact with people in the same ways. Although it might be difficult, take comfort in knowing that you won’t feel the way you feel right now forever; all of our facilities offer the highest level of care to make things easier for you in this difficult time.

Therapy is an important part of the recovery process; for introverts therapy isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary. Opening up during group sessions, and one-on-one sessions will help you to develop the social skills necessary for addiction recovery.

Beware of Isolation While At Rehabilitation Centers in NJ

The one thing you don’t want to do during rehab is to isolate yourself. The purpose of rehab is to overcome your difficulties with addiction in a safe, recovery-centered environment surrounded by comfort from others. You will gain nothing by sitting in your room alone for hours on end.

Keeping yourself from opening up to people while in rehab is almost as bad as continuing to sitting on your couch at home, all alone and in the dark. You stand little or no chance of overcoming addiction if you refuse to interact with people and do things differently than you’ve done before.

You don’t have to become an extrovert in order to gain from your stay at alcohol or drug rehabs in NJ. You just need to be willing to come out of your comfort zone enough to be able to participate in the program. You will never be asked to do anything unreasonable, and everything that’s asked of you is for your benefit – that is, to help you overcome addiction.

Introverts, You Can Succeed with Rehabilitation Centers in NJ

It’s common for people who fall into addiction to be introverted. Plenty of these people go on to achieve long-term sobriety with the help of inpatient programs.

While it is never easy for someone who has become introverted to open up, it is necessary in order to be successful with drug and alcohol rehabilitation. So, the bottom line is, if they can do it, you can do it.   It just might take a little willingness and hard work on your end. You can be successful, and you will overcome addiction with the help of NJ rehab centers.

Rehabs and Loneliness: Avoid Isolation If You Want To Be Successful

October 19th, 2013 - In Addiction Help, alcohol rehabs, drug rehabs, Drug Treatment, New Jersey

Isolation will prevent you from getting the most out of rehab centers in NJ. If you are a natural introvert, it may not be easy to interact with people in rehab.

In order to be successful in treatment, it is of paramount importance that you overcome your fear of people or reluctance to socializing.

The Isolation Danger Zone

If you are unwilling to break free of your addiction you just might pay the ultimate price. Nearly 600,000 people die every year because substance abuse. Entering an addiction rehab program may save your life – the reality is that these efforts avail you nothing if you aren’t willing to change the way you are living life, and get out of your comfort zone.

The most common reason people isolate while in NJ rehabs is that they are not fully committed to getting well. Some even go as far as hiding away in their rooms – these actions are reflection of how they view the recovery process. Some may even refer to treatment as being a prison sentence, but the truth is they are just unwilling to put in the necessary work to recover from addiction. If you want to succeed in recovery and sobriety, adhere to this subtle warning – stay away from the isolation danger zone.

It’s Time To Get Grateful For The Opportunities Being Presented To You

About 12% of all people caught up in addiction receive the help they need. Drug rehab centers provide you with opportunities to learn about recovery, compile a sober support network of people who are committed to the recovery process, and to build a solid foundation in preparation of life after rehab.

If you can accept things for what they are, and you become grateful for the opportunities being presented to you in your new life of sobriety, you just might stand a chance. This attitude of gratitude just might be the ticket to viewing the world and the people about you a little differently – you may even find that keeping gratitude in the forefront of your mind is the answer to living life like you have never lived life before!

Excuses To Isolate Will Not Be Accepted – If You Are Ready For Help, It’s Here For You

Henry Ford once said, “If you say you can or you can’t you are right either way.” Isn’t that so true. The ‘no can do’ attitude just might be the very reason you haven’t been able to find sobriety thus far. Self-limiting beliefs have probably kept you trapped in your addiction; the question is, are you going to allow them to continue keeping you trapped?

There will always be an excuse to isolate in rehab. Maybe you don’t like the people around you, or your not comfortable in your surroundings. Let’s face it – these excuses won’t benefit you in any way; in fact they’re a hindrance on your recovery! Help is here for you at rehabilitation centers in NJ – you just have to be willing to accept it and make necessary changes to your life in order to get sober, and stay sober!

Rehabs and Loneliness: Not Just for Extroverts

You are not expected to transform into an extrovert at NJ rehab centers. In fact, you might find that introversion is the upper hand in this type of program. Most therapeutic strategies demand inner-reflection – make no mistake; if you are an introvert, you already use these skills daily! The key in self-reflection is making sure that you don’t fall into guilt, remorse, negative thinking, and isolation. If you can use your skills with out disassociating with the others about you in rehab, then you can exercise self-reflection all that you would like!

Expect to find other introverts in rehab – you are definitely not alone. Many people have the same types of worries, and concerns about socializing as you do. You just might find make a few new friends in sobriety in treatment; remember, isolation can lead to using your addiction again – participate, and you just might succeed with rehabilitation centers in NJ.

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I was very skeptical and scared to face that difficult time of my life and career and their knowledgeable staff gave me my options and understood my exact situation. I came into this hope and now I’m able to share my story with addicts like myself and bring hope thanks to Treatment Center Finder.

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Treatment Center Finder saved my life, I was very skeptical and scared to face that difficult time of my life and career and their knowledgeable staff gave me my options and understood my exact situation. I came into this hope and now I’m able to share my story with addicts like myself and bring hope thanks to Treatment Center Finder.

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